Sugar Cubed

They say that you should never meet your heroes.

I’m not quite sure who ‘they’ are, but I’m going to agree with them just this once.

I am a huge fan of Dawn O’ Porter. At this stage, it may border on obsessive. Let’s hope that neither she, n’or the police read this.

Having met Dawn at the Dublin Writers Festival this year, I came away believing that my face shape would suit a blunt fringe and an almost-bob.

Oh, how wrong I was!

Note: If you have a ‘calves lick’ and thin hair, ask the hair-stylist if you will genuinely have a full fringe when they cut it. If their response is, ‘of course, once you blowdry and set it’. RUN!

Well, maybe don’t run – that would alarm everyone in the salon but you should most definitely learn from my mistake:  Do not get a fringe that will have a bigger gap in it, than the one between Georgia May Jagger’s teeth – I kid you not.

However, this tale does have a happy ending.

After my hair disaster, brought on by my desire to look like my hero, the incredible people at Sugar Cubed came to my rescue.

Sugar Cubed - Minnie Mélange

Where is it?

It’s nestled on Clarendon Street, peaking out the back of The Westbury Mall.

Sugar Cubed had their official launch but a few weeks ago. However, they’ve already managed to attract the attention of some of the city’s most stylish occupants.

As the sister salon to Brown Sugar (on South William Street), owner Mark O’ Keefe has previously described Sugar Cubed as:

“It’s the Topshop/River Island client. They know what they want. They are very clear about what is cool and what is not. They change their look very regularly, so they’re very conscious about what’s evolving in fashion and they can’t come into Brown Sugar all the time because it’s too expensive.”

In the middle of an internship, Brown Sugar is most definitely not within my budget but the quality of conversation, coffee, cut and curl, which I received in Sugar Cubed, was second-to-none.

In seconds, they amended my fringe and curled my almost-bob length weave into a curling mass, that even Shirley Temple would be proud of.

(They also let me read Selena Gomez’s issue of i-D magazine without batting an eyelid.)

If I had to pick the highlight of my Sugar Cubed experience? I’d have to say it was the chairs.

I’m guessing that’s not quite the answer you were expecting.

In the ‘washing of the hair’ section of a trip to the salon, I am always asked to sit on a stack of towels, just so that my hair / head can reach the sink.

I have never not had to sit on something!

Chairs - Sugar Cubed

On entering the rather sophisticated washing rooms in Sugar Cubed (adorned with neon lights), I discovered the most amazing thing – the chairs were electronic and each section of the seat could be moved up and down.

Thus, no need for towels and I didn’t have to jump off the seat afterwards, either.

The seat-sink declined all the way down to the floor!

I realise that this little tit-bit of engineering may seem trivial to the average salon go-er but it meant the world to me.

In fact, Sugar Cubed are extremely attentive to the ‘little things’ and I couldn’t recommend them more for your next wash, chop and colour.

Have you been to Sugar Cubed before?

What are your favourite salons around the country?

6 thoughts on “Sugar Cubed

    • Thanks so much Nessa, I hope all is brilliant in Cork. You would love Sugar Cubed, you should definitely pop in – they’re brilliant! Maybe we should go in together the next time you’re in town!

      S x

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