We Are Islanders

It’s probably about time that I hold my hand up and admit that my interest in fashion, particularly within an Irish context, is almost all-consuming. However, this has not yet rubbed off on family and friends.

Yesterday, I asked my sister who her favourite Irish fashion designer was. Her reply? ‘That John fella with the long hair.’

She then proceeded to ask me what the ‘Doppler Effect’ is…

I guess all is fair in physics and fashion.

We Are Islanders - Minnie Mélange

When I showed Natasha (the aforementioned scientist sibling) the debut collection from ‘We Are Islanders‘ she was more than a tad impressed. Seeing as it takes quite a lot to exceed her expectations, I thought I’d show it to you too.

We Are Islanders is the ethical Irish fashion label founded by Rosie O’Reilly, Kate Nolan and Deirdre Hynds. As a brand, the trio seek to challenge the concept of heritage; merging the old and the new while fusing art and fashion.

Entitled ‘Tidal’, their debut collection is composed of materials such as beetle finished Wexford linen, Tipperary wool, bamboo silk and salmon leather skin.

The texture and aesthetic of the salmon skin is rather exceptional and offers a beautiful shimmer, depending on how light hits it. It’s my favourite element of their collection! (Perhaps you saw it on Instagram, from their recent launch at the Royal Hibernian Academy?!)

(The video? A beautiful visual synopsis of how the one-off dyed pieces were created from their Dublin Fringe installation ‘4/704’)

The collection is incredible and with all of the materials and labour deemed ethical, there are few reasons for one not to invest in We Are Islanders. 

Bamboo silk bomber with hand printed gold finish

My favourite piece? This beautiful bamboo silk bomber with hand printed gold embellishment.

I’ve even decided not to get the Isabel Marant for H&M bomber and save for this one instead – that’s real commitment!

You can view the rest of the collection here and of course, if you’d like to purchase a piece or two, that can be done here

What are your thoughts on We Are Islanders?

Who is your favourite Irish designer?

2 thoughts on “We Are Islanders

  1. Their pieces are beautiful. I’m a tad confused that they are an ethical company but use salmon skin, unless that’s just the name of the type of fabric? Sorry if I’m being dense!

    • Hi Chrissie,

      Thanks for you kind thoughts on our collection.

      We do work to the highest ethical standards in all our production but we are not a vegan company and have incorporated the salmon leather as a trim on some of our garments and accessories.

      The salmon skin is a waste product of an organic salmon farm in Galway, the skins are tanned to leather using chrome free methods, and then dyed using natural pigmant, we prefer to use the skins uncoated to avoid negative environmental impact of the processing (and retain the soft luxurious quality of the leather)

      All of the fabrics chosen and methods used within the We Are Islanders collections stem from our ultimate belief in the need to avoid the negative envieonmental and humanitarian impact so frequently associated with the fashion industry.

      We strive to create something better for our customers so they can delight in the story behind each garment we make, safe in the knowledge that it has been ethically made from start to finish.

      I hope that helps to explain our choice to use this unique material in our current collection, we hope you’ll enjoy our future work too!

      We Are Islanders.

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