Penneys in Springtime

When do you obtain the most amount of new clothes?

In the sales? At Christmas? On payday? Or perhaps when there#s a special occasion or event lurking in the not too distant future.

Me? I’ve learned that I acquire most new items in my wardrobe in Spring.

If we were to psycho-analyse it, there’s probably an unconscious connection to the ‘New Year, New Me’ anthem that’s often heard at this time of year.

However, if I were to be honest – it’s probably a cause of me merely wearing Springtime clothes, all-year round. (Much to my mother’s disgruntlement!)

In Autumn and Winter, I collate tights, scarves and heavy coats to ensure insulation, whilst in September, I often lark about in playsuits, tank tops, pretending I’m in Costa Del Dublin. (Every September, I’m also smothered with a cold – but that’s another story!)

This infatuation with the early months of the year, regularly leads to great excitement when images from the upcoming Spring high-street collections hit my inbox.

2014 is particularly exciting with Penneys’ Spring 2014 collection demanding I buy nearly every item.

The majority of items will reach Penneys in March but some have already started to nestle their way onto the rails.

Penneys have focused on simple statement items such as fitted tees and shorts in bold colours, jumpsuits that mirror Stella McCartney, backpacks that offer just a hint of hipster and the most beautiful silver brogues that have me questioning if my size 11 feet will look ridiculous in a pair of size threes…

This Spring, my wish-list is longer than arm (not too difficult, I know)  but I’d love to know what you’re hoping to add to your wardrobe this season and what shops / brands you’ll look to first!

On your marks, get set, comment below!

One thought on “Penneys in Springtime

  1. Spring and Summer are the worst months for me colour wise. But if fitted tees and NICE clothes are in then I’ll be happy. Just as long as there’s no neon colours or too many floral patterns. My poor Autumn/Winter fashion sense can’t handle it *hangs on to burgundy winter coat for dear life* :)
    – Jen x

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