My Hero Brush

How many of you would be able to say that your father was the source of your first insight into make-up and cosmetics?

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming that we’re a rare breed.

I’ve often been shopping for cosmetics with my Dad, whilst the sales assistant can’t comprehend that it’s not me looking for concealer and highlighter, but him. They direct all conversation and sales pitch to me, until my Dad expertly commands their attention, often proving that he’s more fluent in the language of make-up, than even them!

From a young age, I was taught the precise method for blusher application, how to ensure your foundation doesn’t leave you with a ‘mask’ and most importantly, the necessity of translucent powder.

Growing up with a father who infiltrated both film and television sets and many theatre stages, brings with it multiple memories and life lessons – make-up being just one of them.

As I arrived into my teenage years, the make-up lessons became more intense and we often debated on how best to apply products. He was raised in the school of sponges and applying foundation with your finger-tips. He believed that using brushes resulted in more product being left on the applicator, instead of your face.

Up until now, I had been unable to prove him wrong.

My Hero Brush - Ciara Daly

Ciara Daly is a make-up artist based in Belfast. With a litany of courses, workshops, products and even a retail space part of the ‘Ciara Daly’ brand, their impact on make-up and cosmetics in Northern Ireland has been immeasurable.

Having met some of the team at the RDS ‘Irish Beauty Show’, I was extremely impressed by their work ethic but wasn’t wholly convinced t that their ‘My Hero Brush’ would do everything that they said it would.

However, I was wrong.

This Kabuki brush fits compactly into my (already too big) make-up bag and the circular pad ensures that my foundation is applied evenly and is massaged into the skin to eliminate caking.

Ciara Daly - My Hero Brush

The brush loses few hairs and having been my primary foundation brush for almost three months, it continues to be as brilliant as it was on first usage.

Though, don’t take my word for it.

It’s often that I open my make-up bag to find the ‘My Hero Brush’ missing. It’s usually being held to ransom by either my Dad or sisters. Ciara Daly even managed to convert them – and they’re a tough crowd!

The brush costs €30 / £25 and whilst that may seem a tad expensive, it is an investment that you will be reaping the rewards from for months to come.

You can shop online and find out more about Ciara Daly on both Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your first make-up memory?

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